[the accurate method that washs strawberry adds salt] _ cleans _ how to clean -

We understand strawberry young animal surface layer of this kind of fresh fruit is to put those who have a lot of chemical fertilizer and its dirt, after we need to clear this kind of dust and its chemical fertilizer clean, ability is taken quite, should clear clean below the circumstance that accordingly we are cleaning strawberry usually ability is taken quite. Below the circumstance that cleans strawberry, the way that we choose drinking water is begun clean, with saline Qing Dynasty manage can cause strawberry seedling to give the state that splits, because this had better choose brine,begin clean strawberry. Why should strawberry seedling use saline vesicleStrawberry seedling often clears a is relatively hard, because its surface is not slick,the key is, and Pi Taibao, wash broken. Want to wash strawberry seedling clean, had better clean continuously with drinking water, the water of fluidity can prevent chemical fertilizer to permeate fruit in. The strawberry seedling that washs clean also need not eat immediately, had better be reoccupy brine or the water that wash rice invades bubble 5 minutes Zuo . Brine can eliminate strawberry seedling surface layer to endanger microbial bacterium leftoverly to plant; washs rice water to show slant alkaline, can drive slant acerbity chemical fertilizer is deli临沂福润得木业quescent. When washing strawberry, dry 10 thousand need not pick strawberry the base of a fruit alertly, go if the strawberry seedling of the base of a fruit is put in water to invade bubble, leftover chemical fertilizer can take fruit department along with water, bring about more more serious environment pollution. In addition, also cannot invade bubble strawberry seedling with clean fluid, this kind of material clears clean hard, very easy remains is in fruit, cause pollution 2 times. Strawberry seedling uses salt water how bubble 1, clear dustMost clear strawberry seedling with cold water first, the dirt that removes surface layer with Yu Qin[......]

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