[honey does not suit what crowd to drink] _ is applicable - of crowd _ no-no crowd

Pure honey is us a kind of preserve one's health that the regular meeting in daily life drinks feeds capable person, it has the effect of health care of first-rate preserve one's health, human body of OK and nourishing preserve one's health, hairdressing protects skin skin, eliminate exhaustion, invite human body more and more more constitution is hale, no matter be external use, Zuo is profess to convinced has certain practical effect. Although the action of honey a lot of, but not be anybody appropriate edible pure honey, once edible not to be pooh-poohed can give health of body and mind generation harm, is the person with that what kind of Zuo unfavorable drink honey? What kind of person is unfavorable drink honey? 1, not full darling of a year old does not suit to eat honey: The meeting in pure honey contains fleshy toxin, can cause infantile bromatoxism symptom, under the darling June more special and easy inf明盛木业有限公司ection this disease. Bromatoxism symptom often arises at eating pure honey or the 36 hour of 8 ~ after containing pure honey provision, disease often includes constipation, exhaustion, appetite not beautiful. T祥石木业有限公司he probability that although darling produces fleshy toxin,affects is not big, but doctor Zuo is a proposal: In the child full 1 year old before, need not take honey and product to them. In addition, father must go to the shop choose and buy that relies on chart when pure honey of mom choose and buy, need not go independently apiary buys honey, because occasionally sweet peak collected poisonous floral bee pollen, the honey that brews contains endotoxin, it is the meeting is toxic that the person eats. 2, the diabetic cannot feed pure honey with taking, every a person of extraordinary powers overcomes the dextrose in compound of pure honey carbohydrate to be 35 grams about, dextrose falls on 40 grams, soft white sugar makes an appointment with 2 grams, dextrin makes an appointment with 1 gram. Dextrose and dextrose all are mon[......]

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