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In us diet sails upstream dumpling is vest in our characteris建筑方木模板AMtic cate, advocate if use wheaten flour to add different bag again,become, not only taste is very good, and nutrition becomes minute of rich and colorful, and boiled dumpling stuffing has very all sorts of types, different phyletic boiled dumpling stuffing has different taste, leek stuffing dumpling is the bag stuffing that vest in Jian is in charge of, leek stuffing dumpling not only mouthfeel is good, and nutrition is become divide richer. How is leek dumpling stuffing done more delicate? 1, the rice wine that grain adds in the bowl that issues past egg fluid in the circumstance of the stuffing that make a package, the means that becomes in that way is OK the smelling of fish of eliminate unripe egg. 2, same way should arrange to blend first and last alertly when accompanying stuffing: It is to give oil no matter, put salt, gourmet powder. . . . . . Write down the prison is com建筑模板参数plete it is same way. If way became wrong not clear, stuffing can come loose, do not sign up for a group. 3, also have dumpling need not to need pump water in stuffing, as a result of portion of three-colored amaranth water a lot of, did not have the possibility of squeezing process again, because this dumpling stuffing is medium need not pump water. 4, avoid to use dressing as far as possible: Face of pink of the five spices, Chinese prickly ash these are to obscure the sweet laborious piquancy of the oneself of aroma; three-colored amaranth of three-colored amaranth is able to get rid of fleshy smelling of fish, ginger garlic is accordingly beardless also. Boil 15 minutes of fluctuation, boiled dumpling is all it is OK that float rises. Food prepares ahead of scheduleInside defect raw material: Three-colored amaranth 200 grams are bright shrimp 120 grams are white diced meat 40 grams are gram starch 1/2 of salt of 2 small spoon is small spoonCuticular raw material: Stick ground rice 120 grams are gram starch 120 grams are boiled water 120 ㏄ candy salad oil of small spoon of 1/3 of white pepper of small spoon of 1/2 of pink of essence of bright chicken of 1 small spoon oil of animal of 1 small spoon · of 2 small spoonMake flow1, become three-colored amaranth cut pinkie armour that kind small fast, juice juice must be attract新型 建筑模板价格多少GSed. 2, hit 4 to 5 bright eggs, in hot pot in booth comes golden color is ripe. 3, crumb broken be together with three-colored amaranth agitate, increase soya-bean oil, sesame-seed oil, unripe smoke. Put salt to add face of Chinese prickly ash and rice wine. It is to do stuffing4, the face can carry tall muscle, in that way skin of the dumpling since roll is stuck already have again bite first5, boiled dumpling need not be wrapped very big, can obscure boxing eye goes, it is OK that 20 can install a dish up and downLeek effect1, filling kidney Zhuang Yang tells this world: Three-

colored amaranth lukewarm sex, flavour laborious, have filling kidney Zhuang Yang to have positive effect, reason is usable wait for a symptom in order to treat impotent, frequent seminal emission, premature ejaculation. 2, disappear of be good at stomach feeds beneficial liver: Three-colored amaranth contains the distinctive component such as oil of essence of volatile home remedy and sulfate, release the sweet laborious of a kind of extraordinary to taste, be helpful for thin tone irascibility, increase appetite, raise digestive absorption. 3, regulating blood condition of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it: The hot food taste of three-colored amaranth has medicinal powder Yu invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it guides sluggish effect, 4, promote digest: Three-colored amaranth is contained very multidimensional his life and prandial fiber, can raise peristalsis of bowel of intestines and stomach, remedial constipation, prevent rectum cancer. The crucial nutrition element什么是模板 of three-colored amaranth has B22 of B21 of vitaminic C, vitamin, vitamin, Nick compound of acerbity, Hu Luobo element, carbohydrate and mineral. Three-colored amaranth still contains the methylic cellulose of rich and colorful, three-colored amaranth of every 100 grams contains 1.5 grams methylic cellulose, taller than shallot and asparagus lettuce, can drive bowel path peristalsis, prevent large intestine cancerous generation, the assimilation that can reduce pair of cholesterol again additionally is absorbed, have the effect that prevents to wait for disease with cure arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease. Although three-colored amaranth has a lot of profit to the body, but also not be to the more the better. “Three-colored amaranth feeds a god to faint more eye is建筑欧板的规格标准是多少BQ dark, malty wine You Ji ” . Modern science feels, excessive having this world and the person that the gender heats up a symptom do not suit to take. The prandial fiber of three-colored amaranth is more, digest not easily, because can not eat too much three-colored amaranth this, very much prandial fiber is otherwise excitant alvine antrum, cause diarrhoea normally. Had better be control in a 100~200g, can not exceed 400g.

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