Panama youth of 5 foreign citizen of Chinese origin is kidnapped rip ticket lawyer to say to the police is participated in


A建筑模板十大品牌AWccording to Panama ” Latin America wall bulletin ” report, the ac

cused kidnaps and the murderer of youth of renown foreign citizen of Chinese origin of killing Panama Chorrera5 among them day of Rogelio Cruz24 of counsel for thpvc 建筑模板 工厂e defence expresses, the acc附近的模板市场在哪里used discloses to him corru卖建筑模板哪里有pt policeman绿地模板有公司公司 participat

es in this a criminal case. As we have learned, this is miserable homicide case is before 4 years will happen September.

Cruz expre

sses, the murderer Alcib Ades M Ndez of建筑模板那家好 Dominica book should have get the assistance of corrupt policeman, kidnap the victim and apply kill. However, m Ndez cannot point to the name that knows a police, he was informed to police however additional the accomplice of two Dominica book, among them a client Gilberto Ventura that is Cruz建筑工程模板厂.

Lawyer respecting, his client Ventura ever asked the Ministry of Public Security him young son sends cling to, he will disclose to judicatory unit be suspected of sharing staking and the corrupt police建筑组合模板BOman full name that tear a bill. But this request is rejected by authorities.

A建筑基础工程施工AVs before the Cruz lawyer of the inquisitor before the country expresses to media, predecessor government and currently hold the post ofa government harborring ceaselessly the corrupt policeman that is suspected of this case, and these polices still have a lot of still hold the position of in Chorrera urban district hold corporative post.

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