Japan shows climber challenges Mount Everest 5 degrees 33 years old alone all Sha feather and return


[round-the-world net reports int潍坊宏达木业有限公司egratedly] add up to numerous interna

tional company to will report on September 27 according to the United States, recently, climber of 33 years old delays Japan and Li Mu (NobukazuKuriki) challenges Sha of ascend

Mount Everest the 5th times feather and return.

Delay and Li Mu once 4 ascend Mount Everest, all end in order to fail, and because get frostbite and lost 9 finger. But he is brave in to be challenged to the destiny, become the first person that challenges Mount Everest after shake of Nepalese in April earth. Altitude many meters 8000, with relief rugg建筑模板生产基地ed and air rare and famed dead region Mount Everest has caused many climber death, delay 建筑红模板生产厂the 5th attempt with Li Mu to also procl建筑工法样板厂家aim finally failure.

Delay and Li Mu expresses on net of types of facial makeup in operas, he tries to produce the total energy of the body, but but in deep accumulated snow the action spent too much time and energy, if continue ascend, will life danger fears cannot living come back, because this is made,abandon publishing very decision.

Include this second inside, delay and Li Mu is inside a few years of in the past, already tried 5 times to ascend Mount Everest, but abortive. 2012 in ascend process, because be stranded,he is more snow hole two days, l

ose all finger almost. He is this year sca模板支撑厂家ler of first Mount Everest, alone a宜森木业有限公司scend and did not carry oxygen. The expert expresses, very dangerous without oxygen, considering the element of wind and temperature, autumn is climbed climb the risk factor that compares spring taller.

Altitude 8848 meters Mount Everest is world highest peak. On May 29, 1953, new Zealander Aidemengxilali (E施工工程建筑模板dmundHillary) and Xiaerba Danzengnuoer covers the person (the person that TenzingNorgay) becomes first success to ascend a Mount Everest.

(Original title: Japan sh建筑模板价格ows climber challenges Mount Everest 5 de新型建筑模板机grees 33 years old alone all临沂彬国建筑模板厂 Sha feather and return)

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