Nobel prize is physiological 2015 or photograph of data of list of medical award gainer


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Nobel prize is physiological 2015 or medical award awards massacre You You, William C. Campbell (Er of shellfish of bank of C of Irish scientist Williams) , Mura of Satoshi ō (Japanese medicine learns to teach old village wisdom) .

Nobel prize is physiological 2015 or medical award

The 3 people such as Chinese female scientist are obtained physiological or medical award

Chinese scientist massacre oh oh win nobel prize physiological or medical award

Massacre oh, female, unripe on December 30, 1930, medicine learns the home, lif模板工程是什么工程AXelong researcher holds academy of

Chinese traditional Chinese medical science concurrently chief researcher, green Hao element considers to develop central director. Hired 1980 lay a teacher for the Master, hired 2001 for doctoral student adviser. Pursue Chinese traditi建筑用模板onal medicine and research of union of medicine of Chinese and Western for years, outstanding contribution is to contrive new-style element of green Hao of the medicine that fight impaludism and element of Shuang Qingqing Hao. In September 2011, obtain the Lasike that is known as nobel prize vane award. This is the world-class the superlative degree that bound of Chinese biology medicine obtains up to now large award.

Old village wisdom

Greatly village wisdom professor pursues research of microbial active material for a long time, it is the world-class co建筑模板木方urse leader of this domain, the Avermectin that studies discovery (A Weijun element) one of the greatest inventions that since be known as 20 centuries to discover from penicillin, contribute to the mankind. He obtains Japanese academia early or late top prize- – violet Shou honours award of chapter award, French nation meritorious service, suffer hire for American microbiology academician of Academy of Natural Sciences of person courtyard member,山西建筑模板公司 Germ建筑模板施工图片any, United Stat建筑工地模板作用KAes state-maintaineds academician of foreign nationality of academy of sciences of country of academician of academician of foreign nationality of academy of sciences, Japanese bachelor courtyard, France and academician of foreign

nationality of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Gao Qiaoyang child the professor is big the scientific research assistant that village wisdom teachs, accomplish in microbial pharmacy domain distinguished, radiative fungus research urges nation of Ceng Huo Japan radiative fungus studies country of award, Japan award.

Er of shellfish of Williams C bank

Er of shellfish of Williams C bank (graph 1) and old village wisdom (graph 2) discovered a kind of new drug that the name is A Weijun element, its ramification from go up at all the incidence of a disease that reduced river blind disease and elephantiasis.

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