Korea parade detail: Jin Zhengen of Liu cloud hill fights family member of allied forces person to wave northeast present one’s compliment


Explanation: Now is Jin Zhengen and Liu Yun Shan those who walked along whole rostru

m is additional a side, the hand pulls a hand to surround the masses of view and the delegate of student of workers and peasants that participate in parade to wave present one’s compliment.

Compere: Now we again the reporter Shen Feifeng of smoot建筑模板木方h soil of建筑模板支撑 couplet line specially appointed brings a few latest news that he observes.

Reporter: Hello.

Compere: In the spot, I see military建筑模板厂家价格表 新型建筑模板机review has entered end, what special lookout is?

Reporter: Yes, present smooth soil time is afternoon is fast at 5 o’clock half, namely the ceremony of this big parade begins from 2:30 now, had passed fast 3 hours, as the sun downhill, the air temperature of t建筑腹膜板公司he spot is colder and colder, had fallen 10 degrees the following, but in the hour this finally, we 建筑方木模板AMcan see, these masses are leaving in send off Jin Zhengen.

A moment ago everybody sees, originally he goes in front, turn suddenly answer a body to come, play the hand 常规建筑木模板尺寸BUof Liu Yun Shan, wave to the masses below the stage together again, what former northeast of China comes from to fight couplet namely below before is veteran with their children, jin Zhengen above identified them, so he holds the hand of Liu Yun Shan designedly, at that time the appla

use below the stage, it is 3 this many h大模板尺寸标准APours since most canorous one, this is more interesting point of observation.

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建筑模板的价格一览表(Chinese caption)

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