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Jerusalem reappearance holds charger of incident of knife wound person by constabulary quiver


In report will occupy new network on October 14 Afp report, is

rael police says, local time 14 days, a terrorist attempts to hold a knife wound to feel a safe staff in the entry point of Jerusalem old the city zone, but by aside the 建筑工地用模板AXpolice shoots check. I

t is reported, this charg武汉建筑模板公司er is shot to hit the mark by the police.

The report says, police issues in statement middle finger, when the accident, charger holds prop to bear down on a safe personnel, when wanting to launch attack, be shot to hit by the police on the side. But Israel police did not show this to charger is shot dead or be wounded.

In view of the near future cling to worsen continuously w临沂建筑模板公司ith condition, israel that day some earlier moment begins, in Dong Ye the road scattered cold region to establish much place checkpoint, accuse more assault incident昊森板材公司 to happen in case.

Say according to spokesman of an Israel police, check check the number of establishs the imports and 山东顺达高唐县茂源木业有限公司木业有限公司exports that drops living area of cold region P工程覆膜板BOalestinian in Dong Ye road to be in. He expresses,

because,新型建筑模板价格多少such doing is 去哪买建筑模板KTof the near future hold incident of knife wound p工地模板施工KHerson to be in these places happen.

Local time 13 days, jerusalem and other places produces new assault episode many cases, bring about tens of person casualties. Cling to continueing to worsen with condition, international society gives height pays close attention to.

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