Cropland of oil gas of Chinese the East China Sea builds Japan of 16 maritime platform to express to protest the badliest


According to Japan ” read sell news ” will report on October 20, chinese government has achieved 16 in the maritime platform of maritime space of cropland of oil gas of the East China Sea, 8 among them platform had begun exploi信康木业有限公司tation operation, japanese government Xiang Zhongfang expresses the most serious protest.

The report says, the 4th times when develop a problem around cropland of oil gas of the East China Sea Sino-Japanese ocean cooperates high-level meeting will be held at will be in Beijing in November. Japanese government will been enraged Tian Rifang in oil of the East China Sea July this year the picture that maritime platform adds near so called meridian midline is general all at the world, on the Sino-Japanese and marine meeting that Japanese government still will hol工程模板怎么样DGd in November again Xiang Zhongfang puts forward to protest


The report says, japanese militia has affirmed Chinese government to had enraged cropland maritime 石坊木业有限公司space to build in oil of the East China Sea add up to 16 maritime platform, ground of among them 8 platform in an orderly way opens oil extract建筑公司红头文件模板AVion to enrage resource.

Read sell say, japanese government is right what stand by meridian boundary most is medium square the 3rd maritime platform is 郑州建筑模板most malcontent. The agreement of resource of cropland of oNMSS-2020海子木业il gas of the East China Sea of Sino-Japanese and joint development that the basis reached in June 2008, japan just is cast to be developed alone in violated this agre江西建筑模板公司ement spirit, japanese government is in with in just have negotiation.

It is reported, hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Mini建筑模板价格stry of Foreign Affairs protests with respect to Ja东森木业有限公司panese government China noons in the East China Sea before this continue near midline response of be related of development of oil gas cropland says, oil gas of square the East 建筑模板生产基地China Sea develops an activity in is to be in the China that does not have controversy administer maritime space undertakes, day just has no right to make carding comments. [Yu Peng of reporter of round-the-world network coverage flies]

(original title: Install times government to protest cropland of oil gas of Chinese the Ea

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hina Sea builds 16 maritime platform)

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