Brief introduction of Nai peninsula data is located in ground of Russia plane crash on the west Egypt northeast is carried


After from Eg建筑模板批发ypt sanded Mu Shayihe flies to the Russia plane of Russia Sanket one 31 days to take off before long crash. Egypt premier office confirms, egypt rescuer专业建筑模板厂家KP already discovered the plane of crash. According to the report, the niche that discovers crash plane is in on the west the Hasangna of south of area of the assorted in Nai peninsula A 建筑模板多少一块is tak


Nai peninsula is Egypt the Suez Canal on the west to the south of the territory of Asian part. It is located in the northeast end of Egypt, the eastern side and Israel and Gaza 批发建筑模板AAStrip are linked together, it is to be located in inferior, the peninsula of a triangle between blame mainland, for the important passage of Egypt join Asia.

Peninsula north is close to Mediterranean,江苏工程建筑模板批发 the south extends the Red Sea, bay of Su Yi person and infe建筑用胶模板HFrior noise made in coughing or vomiting新型建筑模板实用吗 cling

to thing of bay encircle peninsula two side, mohammed 南宁建筑模板公司part carries south east the conspicuous of Sha Yi of strategic area sanded Mu that the bank is Egypt.

The peninsula includes south, north on the west Nai is saved twice. Nai saves north on the west the assorted in provinci腹膜板厂家THal capital A, north is close to Mediterranean. South Nai saves Er of provincial capital graph on the west, be located in mouth of bay of Su Yi


6100 square kilometers of peninsula whole area, the thing is the widest about 210 kilometers, north and south is the longest about 385 kilometers. It is dune for the most part, climate is dry,供应建筑模板 lack water. The great majority in the dweller is Beidouyin person, make a living in order to put herd Yang Qun and camel forever.

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