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Jin Yong of the president before Han government decides to be 3 hold state funeral


Login register text of news of international of center of n路桥模板ews of the network austral Fujian Jin Yong of the president before Han government decides to be 3 hold: of state funeral origin? ?2015-11-22 13:2 of huge rock of dis烟台众诚新型建材科技有限公司charge

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In new netw建筑模板厂家位置ork report will report according to Han Lian company on November 22, korea government is held 22 days midday temporarily state conference, the decision is deceased before presidential Jin Yong 3 hold state funeral.

Jin Yong of the president before Korea 3.

The report says, funerary name is deceased before bury of the Three Kingdoms of presidential Jin Yong, funerary date up to 26 days, by a definite date 5 days. According to relevant law, the government will establish a funeral committee, the chairman presses a convention to be held the position of by Huang Jiaoan of state prime minister. Remains leaves ceremonial general local time 26 days afternoon 2 when hold in hall of Korea congress discuss official business. Remains buries the ceremony will state-maintained in Korea country cemetery subsequently an Er show faithful courtyard to undertake. During funeral, government each mechanism and unit will fall half-mast expresses to mourn.

It is reported, government and involuntary discharge of urine belong to a respect to decide in the whole nation each district is established cense, so that each district people comes round,condole. Division of administrative autonomy department falls to still will establis石家庄建筑模板公司h working party, actual responsible preparatory remains leaves ceremony, bury cer建筑多层模板公司emony, cense each specific work such as a setting operation.

22 days of 3 before dawn are in Jin Yong because an Er university hospit卖建筑模板哪里有KYal dies of illness world, die at

the age of is 88 years old. Hospital respect says, direct cause of death is septicemia and acute heart failure. Jin Yong 3 was born in county of gigantic aid of Qing Shangna path on December 20, 1927, be graduated彬国木业有限公司建筑模板市场价格BG from an Er university philosophy is, ev建筑工程模板er held the position of Korea the 14th president (1993-1998) .

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