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The world goes: The whole world is emigrant 2015 250 million achieve the history top level


Chinese net dispatch will report on December 19 according to French media on December 21, the newest report that according to world bank Zhouwu issues shows: Predict global immigrant number was close

to 250 million person-time 2015, reach historical record level, but major refugee is in European area centrally. In Zhou Wu night comes Saturday during before dawn, 18 immigrant are in Turkey coastal be addicted to dies on the west.

According to Turkey media the report shows: In Zhou Wu in the evening, be fully loaded with the refugee cross a ship secretly, go to afore Greek Kalimunuosi island (Kalymnos) in road, in the capsize on Aegean, cause 18 refugees death, the tragedy that the refugee crosses secretly is performed again. Bringing news service more (Dogan) in the report, this altogether rescues Turkey coast posse successfully 14 survival, they come from Syria respec工地装木模板标准tively, iraq and Pakistan. This one tragedy also will be recorded to be in by world bank book.

The report of world bank shows: In was as h建筑模板去哪里买igh as the population of 250 million person-time to migrate 2015, the interior between the developing country migrates 38% what occupy global immigrant, and the immigrant between developing country and developed country is wet, 34% what hold total emigrant number. The backside of these numbers, cover move and politics, the culture population flow with what economy concerns.

Emigrant remittance is as high as 601 billion dollar

After emigrating to make money in abroad, will mix to the family of own country relative remittance, predict amount of emigrant 2015 remittance will be as high as 601 billion dollar, among 工地模板生产them 44.1 billion it is to collect toward the developing country. In addition, besides person giving the home and kin remittance, international immigrant emigrates in its there also is many deposit deposit in the country.

World bank development is forecasted bureau, immigrant and remittance lab are chief economist, emigrant as associate as knowledge of development wh

ole world curator Dilipulase (Dilip Ratha) express in the report: The emigrant remittance amount 2015, exceed whole world government to develop the 3 times above that helps amount. Immigrant provides the dynamical 建筑模板的厂家support that economy grows for the developing country, provide real experience support for motherland innumberable families.

These remittance come from mostly at the United States (56 billion dollar) , saudi Arabia (37 billion dollar) with Russia (33 billion dollar) . Have a rank according to remittance f建筑模板施工orehead, before 3 emigrant remittance receives a country is India (72 billion dollar) , China (64 billion dollar) guest o建筑模板厂THf He Fei law (30 billion dollar) . See not hard from this, new-style economy system still is acting important role in economic progress.

One of coauthor that world bank reports Suoniya (Sonia Plaza) express: Numerous research makes clear: Those technical content are inferior, it is the type of work that does not have technical content even, this part practiti建筑模板的价格oner often can gain a very good income in emigrant countr绿地模板有公司公司y.

Country of before 5 emigrant output is respectively: India, mexico, russia, china and Bangladesh

It is reported, before the rank 5 emigrant purpose country is the United States respectively, saudi Arabia, germany, russia and United Arab Emirates, france is in this one pop chart list the 7th. Before the rank 5 emigrant output country is respectively: India, mexico, russia, china and Bangladesh.

The busiest immigrant on the world migrates the course is go to the United States from Mexico, according to not complete count, 2015, altogether has 13 million person-time to enter the Unite常规建筑木模板尺寸d 建筑模板支撑States through this method. After close therewith is Russia to Wukelan, bangladesh arrives India, and the road of the Wu Kelan immigrant to Russia churchyard.

World bank: Shared 14.4 million refugee 2014

2014, according to the statistic of world bank, altogether has record of 14.4 million refug

ee to be in book, this part person is to escape of own country persecute and live badly environment, to other country application shelters. Last year, 6% what refugee number holds total emigrant number, among them the refugee of 86 % is get admitting mixing in the developing country deliverance, for example Turkey, pakistan and Lebanon, however the developed country admitted the immigrant of 1.6 million merely, those who hold total refugee number is very small one part. (old Yu Long)

(original title: The world goes: Immigrant was amounted to 2015 250 million achieve the history top level)

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