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“Mohammedan country ” chieftain reappearance sound is as long as menace of 24 minutes of recording is beautiful with


Mohammedan country made public a paragraph 26 days to organize leader according to calling this Abubeikeerbage建筑模板价钱dadi’s recording. In the recording that is as long as 24 minutes in this paragraph, bagdad enlighten profess是什么建筑模板AC Mohammedan country everything is still good, air attack can enhance the determination of its epigone only.

If affirm,be Bagdad enlighten recording, this will be him voice shows first since this year May. At present, mohammedan country is sufferring multilateral blow, war suffers a defeat, before impetus is inferior to greatly.

In Syria, the allie建筑模板尺寸规格BQd forces that the United States takes the lead and Russia air attack are ceaseless, pilot manages Mohammedan country more oil field is destroyed, this organizes many high level to be died by scamper; In Iraq, mohammedan country desertioned the big border area of Xinguer and adjacent Syria, the Ba Er that will hold in May saves me工地现场签证单格式模板DWtropolis to pull Ma Di also by the government army recover part area, of governmental army surround still be in furl.

Bagdad enlighten say in recording, mohammedan country encounters the blow of whole world, but the allied大模板尺寸标准 forces that the United States takes the lead won’t frigh

ten us, destroy our belief impossibly also, because we can be the conqueror of all these. Contrary, because American fears, dare not start ground war and Mohammedan country face-to-face engage in a battle.

The United States and its ally be enlightened cross agent and epigone to destroy Harry to deliver a state, bagdad enlighten say, once their allied burst or tail are broken by behead, they with respect to ground of too impatient to wait明盛木业有限公司 reconstructive one (allied) , the sand that announced one is making Mohammedan stand again recently is especially allied.

Shateben announces 15 days month, already established an alliance of Mohammedan m

ilitary affairs that forms by 34 country, include Mohammedan country in order to hit inside terroristic organiza


Bagdad enlighten the country that warns these intents to hit Mohammedan state, they will pay price.

Bagdad enlighten Israel of minatory建筑模板有哪些品种WD still assault: We never forget you each days we more app板帮木业有限公司roach you.

Authenticity of this paragraph of canned still is in test and verify, but it is released at Mohammedan country associated website, this website releases the information of Mohammedan工程水利模板AN country for many times 模板的配板步骤before. (Chen Lixi) (stalk of grain especially border client carries Xin Huaguo)

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