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Car of overload of Indian northwest ministry produces traffic accident to already was sent 9 dead 15 injuries


[round-the-world net覆膜厂家 reports] will report on December 31 according to Russia satellite network, coverage of Indian place media says, indian no

rthwest ministry a bus and a keep in reserve that hold a 缝纫模板worker board car barge again蓝带木业有限公司st, cause 9 people death, 15 people are injured.

According to India the TV station reports Xin D临南宁建筑模板公司沂开阔模板有限公司eli, traffic accident happens in A Mu near benefit criterion city, an overweighted motor-drive

n board car and bus barge against. In wounded 15 people, two people hurt feeling serious, be sent toward around hospital go to a docto

r. Still d建筑木方模板回收KJo not have 宏民木业有限公司further information at present.

Satellitic network says, according to data of bureau of archives of Indian country crime, because traffic accident dies,were 16 people on average hourly in India 2014.

山东大发建筑模板有限公司(original title: Car o广西模板木方厂家DFf overload of Indian northwest ministry prod建筑工地模板作用KAuces traffic accident to already was sent 9 dead 15 injuries)

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