Korea government anti-corruption is carried fast most aim at scandal of war industry industry first


建筑施工模板KTLogin register建筑用模板 anti-corruption of government of Korea of text of news of international of center of 建筑模板价格news of the network austral Fujian to carry fast most aim at: of origin of scandal of war industry industry first? ?2017-07-18 20:3 of huge rock of discharge  contraction0 Http://www.mnw.cn/蓝带木业有限公司

In new network report will report according to Han Lian company on July 18, as Wen Zaiyin new government anti-corruption is carried fast, policy is specific related Korea outline and direction gradually clear. Anti-corruption of Wen Zaiyin government first target is according to inspect courtyard audit the result investigates Korea homebred m高层模板otor-driven helicopter " Surion " the scandal of war industry industry such as phenomenon of corruption of the existence in process of research and development.

Korea president Wen Zaiyin (data chart)

The report says, 18 days, blueness of Korea president government office covers with tiles director secretary chairs an anti-corruption of room of secret of civil administration head hold " corruption of industry of eradicative national defence concerns orgnaization consultation " the conference. The director level public figure of the 9 audit orgnaization such as inspect courtyard attends the meeting, share with respect to the information such as corruption of apportion of audit orgnaization part, national defence reach effect a radical cure policy compare notes.


Concerned orgnaization agreement prevents corrupt problem to effect a radical cure for the country after be being moved surely, check just will begin to investigate. Before one day, wen Zaiyin covers with建筑工程模板价格AC tiles in blueness the stage expresses on meeting of official of presiding assist a ruler in governing a country, the national defence corruption of Korea is not simple corrupt question any more, however security flaw, be equivalent to " collaborate " .

The repo楼鑫建筑模板厂rt is special point out, company of Korea aerospace estate 2013 come to was used at the worker to celebrate a festival 2014 accessorial 5.2 billion Han Yuan's commodity has 1.7 billion i高档建筑模板市场预测BJn certificate or so good is unidentified, cause all circles attention. Outside doubt, the commodity certificate with these unidentified good or with personage of Yu Xiangjun square high level, political circles " get in by the back door " .

In addition, wen Zaiyin indicates those who restore a president to chair " consultation of anti-corruption concerned orgnaization " the conference, the conference is chaired by the president hold, check is participated in administration of office of tax of square, police, state, finance about the orgnaization. The analysis thinks, wen Zaiyin this action is

meant chair anti-corruption to work personally.

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