Case of New Zealand pop sends victim of 2 people death and gunman identity to announce


In report will工程模板价格 occupy new network on July 27 coverage of network of dimension of New Zealand day, 26 da

ys, city of thunder of case o

f New Zealand flourishing (case of Whangarei) happenin建筑森模板规格尺寸g pop, cause two people death, one person is injured. Current, the identity of victim and gunman has been announced.

The report says, gunman is called Kui Yin Patesen. 2 deads are lukewarm Di工地模板施工KH Campbell respectively - Roger this the daughter Nadaniya Campbell 工建筑工程土石方施工许模板程木模板with her, the person that hurt is the contractor Jeff · that accompanies them to head for潍坊九鼎木业 case hair building clique cypress, at present he still accepts treatment in the hospital, the condition of an injury is serious.

Around dweller affirms, patesen lives in building of on record hair. Another lives next door building of on record hair, the neighbour that does not wish to publish a full name expresses, patesen likes " everyday " open a few guns.

"You can hear gun sound suddenly, meet too it is. At first I still can worry, the frequency with noisy gun is too much, a day many times, fitful. Among them the interval that a few times the gun rings is very short, resembling is full automatic musket. Resembling is full automatic musket..

This neighbour still expresses, patesen likes to act 陕西建筑模板公司independently. "I had encountered him about 4 times. He likes to preserve privacy, get angry very easily it seems that. You can feel, he is not the sort of meeting throws emotive person to others. He is not the sort of meeting throws emotive person to others..

The family of be murdered mother and daughter and friend grieve over in the expression on gregariou建筑订模板SEs media,装配式建筑模板BW one person is written, they " by snatch beside family, friend and kin " .

Mayor of city of flourishing case thunder expresses, hear this one " terrible " when incident, she special astonish, do not believe this is true. She is right also victim family and the community that suffer incident effect expressed suppo柯升达木业有限公司rt. "This second incident is dye-in-the-wood tragedy, future, police can announce findings

and detailed detail, but as the mayor, lose 2 precious citizens... I can miss them. Lose 2 precious citizens... I can miss them..

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