[eat pork liver to have what advantage and disadvantage] – of inferior position of _ of _ nutrition value


We often eat bovine liver at ordinary times, the nutrient element in bovine liver is very tall, after taking not only good to the body, and still have effect of first-rate sanitarian preserve one’s health, but although liver taking a cattle is good, but not OK and daily eat, and bovine liver falls in taken case, also pay attention to specific means, of bovine liver eat a law to have get a word by accident, dispute often got the disease of ill level of heart head blood-vessel easily, below introduces the benefit of liver taking a cattle and its corrupt practice actually in detail. Liver taking a cattle has what profit with malpracticeBenefitQing Dynasty looks treat beriberiThe liver of the pig has richer vitamin D, can very reasonable cure nyctalopia, and reduce eye week exhaustion建筑欧板的规格标准是多少BQ, assist double eye go to bed, additional, the vitamin D in bovine liver also is the panacea of very few n/med beriberi, can enjoy at the same time delicate and goluptious processi

ng drops disgusting athlete’s foot, simply kill two birds with one stone. Dispel is poisonousBovine liver oneself is organ of dispel poisonous human body, what there is poison of a lot of dispels inside is e石坊木业有限公司nzymatic, moderate land eats liver of a few oxen, have hand very much to poison of human body dispel. But eat to the loss outweights the gain more. Enrich the blood fil建筑用模板价格AQling gas increases strengthRich and colorful contains in bovine liver contain iron, have enrich the blood filling energy of life is real the effect, general flesh still is had in bovine liver kind the vitaminic C that provision provision does not have and nutrient element selenium, the immunity that can raise the body reacts, fight oxidisability, defer consenescence, can check of tumor body cell cause, also can seductively dressed or made up hepatitis of cure subacute infectivity. Improve skin characterThe vitamin D of rich and colorful is contained in bovine liver, have maintain everything to grow normally the effect; of development and reproductive function can protect vision, maintain eyesight level, avoid an eye to do an acerbity, exhaustion, maintain the skin color of health of body and mind, to cutaneous be good at body has crucial and real sense. Can prevent hepatitisIn bovine liver not only contain vitamin D and also included general pork kind food inside what do not have some vitaminic C and nutrient element selenium, liver taking a cattle can increase the immune capacity of the body, fighting oxidisability to defer anile level also have very apparent practical effect, bovine liver still can check the growth of tumor body cell development, can hepatitis of cure subacute infectivity. Bovine liver contains the iron of rich and colorful, phosphor, it is the raw material that hematopoiesis function cannot lack, lecithin of albumen, soja and nutrient element are contained in bovine liver. The vitamin D of rich and colorful is contained in bovine liver, often eat bovine liver, can keep clear of slowly ophthalmic symptom. According to modern medicine is clinical research detects, bovine liver has the varied material that prevent cancer, the C that be like dimension, Selenium, and liver still has extremely strong curb cancer working ability gentle sees fatigue distinctive matter. MalpracticeCause disease of arteriosclerosis and aggravate heart and vesselsMore with hypertensive, coronary heart disease. High cholesterol is contained in bovine liver, eat overmuch bovine liver disease of meeting aggravate heart and vessels. Cause toxic or it is the skin allergicThe organ of crucial dispel poisonous human body that bovine liver is pig body. The great majority of harmful and ill other people in feeding capable person begins metabolic changeover via liver, come out along with back row besides the body. Pig from after going out, arrive in the middle of butcher used a lot of medicines and chemical reagents to come cure a few disease, also have vaccinal injection. Remains of very much medicines and chemical reagents is centralized go up in liver, eat more may cause toxic or the skin is allergic. Bovine liver cookbook is recommended stronglySpinach pork liv建筑用胶模板er soupBovine liver is cleaned, section shape, invade bubble to come with cold water water is clean, bloat 10 minutes with proper Ji Shifen, oil and salt orchid choose washs; clean on the west, ampling water (go agonized flavour) hind fish out cuts a; will proper cold water and ginger piece put into the boil inside Bao, put into on the west orchid and bovine liver, boil ripe later salt and condiment of gallinaceous essence pink are OK. Soup of tomato pork liverBovine liver goes white film, cut piece, put into rice vinegar water to invade bubble 10 minutes; goes rice vinegar water, with rice wine, unripe smoke soy, ginger piece, Ji Shifen bloats together tomato of 20 minutes of; uses floodwater on low-lying land hot water is ironed, rip husk, section; will bloat the bovine liver with good floodwater on low-lying land is boiled in the scald in boiled water scoop up boiler of; fried dish to add oil of right amount vegetable immediately, tomato piece after stir-fry before stewing fries; chaffy dish to add right amount water to be burned, turn to parched tomato, ample already the bovine liver of water, boiled water hind adds salt, scatter on green paragraph OK. Green pepper fries pork liverAfter bovine liver is washed clean, use cut to become a state, clear repeatedly in water, invade bubble half hours with cold water su建筑工程土石方施工许模板BFbsequently, water is changed to clear again in aquarium, all the time until blood just did not go, scoop up drop to do water share subsequently, before next carrying preparative chaffy dish distributes food, wait like chili, shallot, the head of garlic, blanched garlic leaves, Jiang Pian.

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