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Tianjin city is vest in is in the big city with pretty scenery, not only environment is good, and characteristic cate also is very much, the characteristic breakfast of Tianjin city also is multifarious, general relatively general characteristic breakfast has Tianjin city dog to pay no attention to steamed stuffed bun and tea of its Tianjin market, wait with thin pancake made of millet flour, crucial raw material is to use wheaten flour what to make and be become completely, not only nutrient composition rich and colorful, and taste is very good. What does breakfast of Tianjin city characteristic have? The dog pays no attention to steamed stuffed bunThe dog pays no attention to steamed stuffed bun is made with the food such as flesh of wheaten flour, live pig, also be Tianjin city breakfast fastfood medium person enrages a list of names posted up, whole nation of Tianjin steamed stuffed bun is famed, have historical time of hundreds of years already, be ” Tianjin 3 absolutely ” head, also be one of hundred years old names. The dog pays no attent

ion to steamed stuffed bun to choose a side, choose stuffing to be paid attention to very much, treatment craft is meticulous, the shell is beautiful, it is Tianjin breakfast in one indispensable. Thin pancake made of millet flourThin pancake made of millet flour basically comes to Tianjin city is to taste, it is Tianjin name fastfood. Tianjin person loves a thin pancake made of millet flour as eat as early as possible, what thin pancake made of millet flour uses is gram face makes face skin, various food was added inside, give birth to Dendi of deep-fried twisted dough sticks of egg, blast, crisp fritter for example, wrap subsequently, match above sauce, sweet Lai and onion powder are OK, method of this kind of edible is simple and easy, can be flavour first-rate. Tianjin market teaA lot of people understand Tianjin market tea, it is a kind of very famous Tianjin city breakfast fastfood, that is the noodle seasoned millet mush that a lot of people understand, seasoned millet mush is a kind of millet child the face oar that face or millet face boil, irrigate on peanut butter eats together, flavour very good, be in different ground, very difficult the following pharynx goes to authentic Tianjin market tea, below the case that takes seasoned millet mush, scatter on molar ripe sesame seed, nutrition is rich delicate. Fruit of Tianjin city blastScamper fruit is Tianjin city breakfast o高唐县众发木业有限公司f 建筑模板尺寸规格有几种GD10 big characteristics is fastfood one of, tianjin person likes to eat, scamper fruit is the implication of scamper fried dough twist actually, be in merely the name of countrywide each district is different. Scamper fruit is a kind of characteristic cate that has some of person energy of life very much, fruit of Tianjin city blast can be nodded in inn of a lot of Tianjin city snack to, price sex price is compared tall, can be flavour very good. Tianjin coils circleTianjin coils circle it is a Tianjin city breakfast is fastfood kind, coiling is a kind of very hot track-and-field place characteristic in the circle fastfood, tianjin person is aimed at eat to be paid attention to very much, the most authentic Tianjin coils circle it is not OK silk of pickles, dry kelp, thick chili sauce waits for food, coiling is the bag after juice of bean sprouts, will sweet Lai, bean curd doing and sauce beans, corrupt, red sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch and stuffing actually in the circle arrive in the middle of soya-bean oil skin, subsequently socket and both sides use face starch on both sides bag sealed, scamper one blast is OK. Cake of auditive eye blastCake of auditive eye blast is Tianjin city very famous Tianjin is fastfood, cake of auditive eye blast has historical time of a lot of years 100 already, it is traditional pattern delicate and fastfood. Cake of auditive eye blast basically is the rice that use as soft skin, added the stuffing that white sugar of bare red bean, bare does inside subsequently, cake of auditive eye blast is shown flat globose, shallow orange yellow, defect makings is black and white red, cake of auditive eye blast not only delicate, and nutrition is abounded. Skin of Tianjin city candySkin of Tianjin city candy also is called candy fruit, tianjin person eats it as br临沂开阔模板有限公司eakfast commonly. Candy skin and fruit head Zuo have a few differences, the difference depends on the skin of face of r模板BMoll of that one candy outside, a石坊木业有限公司 candy was wrapped outside candy skin, have old brown sugar and old crystal sugar, press face and candy occupy compare

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