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[honey does not suit what crowd to drink] _ is applicable – of crowd _ no-no crowd


Pure honey is us a kind of preserve one’s health that the regular meeting in daily life drinks feeds capable person, it has the effect of health care of first-rate preserve one’s health, human body of OK and nourishing preserve one’s health, hairdressing protects skin skin, eliminate exhaustion, invite human body more and more more constitution is hale, no matter be external use, Zuo is profess to convinced has certain practical effect. Although the action of honey a lot of, but not be anybody appropriate edible pure honey, once edible not to be pooh-poohed can give health of body and mind generation harm, is the person with that what kind of Zuo unfavorable drink honey? What kind of person is unfavorable drink honey? 1, not full darling of a year old does not suit to eat honey: The meeting in pure honey contains fleshy toxin, can cause infantile bromatoxism symptom, under the darling June more special and easy inf明盛木业有限公司ection this disease. Bromatoxism symptom often arises at eating pure honey or the 36 hour of 8 ~ after containing pure honey provision, disease often includes constipation, exhaustion, appetite not beautiful. T祥石木业有限公司he probability that although darling produces fleshy toxin,affects is not big, but doctor Zuo is a proposal: In the child full 1 year old before, need not take honey and product to them. In addition, father must go to the shop choose and buy that relies on chart when pure honey of mom choose and buy, need not go independently apiary buys honey, because occasionally sweet peak collected poisonous floral bee pollen, the honey that brews contains endotoxin, it is the meeting is toxic that the person eats. 2, the diabetic cannot feed pure honey with taking, every a person of extraordinary powers overcomes the dextrose in compound of pure honey carbohydrate to be 35 grams about, dextrose falls on 40 grams, soft white sugar makes an appointment with 2 grams, dextrin makes an appointment with 1 gram. Dextrose and dextrose all are monose, after entering intestines and stomach, need not digest absorb can be digested to draw blood instantly, make blood sugar elevatory, after classics hydrolyze reacts, soft white sugar and dextrin can be digested to absorb slightly, consequently, effect of litre of blood sugar value of pure honey is very distinct. Look from this, the diabetic cannot feed pure honey in order to take. 3, liver cirrhosis patient can not drink honey. Generally speaking the person that second liver is carried suits to drink honey very, the monose that shows as a result of pure honey does not need liver to dissolve generate, can reduce hepatic pressure, but liver is 安慧木业有限公司sclerotic,the patient can not drink honey however, because meet,the fiber of aggravate liver changes technology. How to choose honey? Look: Average customer wants when the choose and buy attentive examine outer packing case and

as far as possible first-rate product of choose and buy. 2 fall: Because moisture content is inferior, high quality pure honey is very thick stiff. The vitreous bottle with good sealing in case inverts come back, seal the since the attune on the gas in bottle stopper remarkable relatively ” laborious ” . 3 pull: A few pure honey since agitate of the autograph that use wood are pulled outwards, good pure honey can procrastinate normally piece fine glittering and translucent get rid of appears ” gold silk ” , some and even can be as long as 1 feet and continuously. 4 very hot: When person eye does not have a law to discern, the client can take to bur菏泽市方木模板SGn red fine i广西建筑模板公司ron wire to detect. If be good pure honey, after fine iron wire is put in, visibility appears to clear smoke, but the aroma that the Zuo of nose is valve of cauliflower of greens of melon and fruit. If be mix into of Bai Sha candy, can release burn scorching. 5 rub: If the choose and buy suckles white or buff ” crystallization put oneself in another’s position is sweet ” , if winkle is put,grind gently a little while on the body in one’s hand, these comparing take salt slightly fine grain other people is met melt. In that way means still can be used at ” detect ” bee emperor oar. 6 taste after pouring warm boiled water, high quality sweet water can turn into the milky liquid of garrulous account other people. If savour the pure honey that does not have classics diluent instantly, when swallowing and even can feel sweet ” be bored with ” guttural. 7 with Bai Sha candy does taste general false honey, so that avoid Bai Sha candy to sink,decide, be in in the process that make can add a few alum, touch a dot to be put to the tongue with the chopstick, clear sweet taste before, if can be tasted acerbity acerbity, it is copy goods, need not take as far as possible.

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